Spotify alarm, Hue integration

There's still a lot of software to write... the good news is, it's kinda fun! It's like a world tour of smart home APIs. I guess I always knew it was theoretically possible to connect to all these services, but it's been cool to actually do it.

Today I rounded off the Spotify aspect, making it so the Pi can switch the active device to itself in Spotify and then start a playlist chosen by the user.

Since that worked so well, I felt like taking a victory lap and setting up Hue. After grabbing a module from NPM, this also proved pretty simple. I enjoyed figuring out the whole "push button to connect" aspect with the Hue bridge and what goes on behind the scenes.

Not too much to say about this update, I guess. I can now set an alarm and it will play a playlist. I can also turn on and off the lights in my bedroom using the rotary encoder menu on the clock itself.

At some point soon I'll really have to create a housing for this thing so I can start using it - it should already be functional!