An image of the LED matrix with the letters of "Hello" placed chaotically, on the wrong axis

Reorienting myself

Now that I had full confidence in my ability to communicate with the LED matrix, it was time to get more comfortable.

Python is fine, but I just prefer JavaScript, since I already spend most of my waking hours using it. And I already had Node installed on the board, so it's just a matter of translating the working Python over to JS. I made use of the lovely node-rpio library for the GPIO.

The code translation went great, there's really not much to the original except some bit shifting. So things were looking up - maybe I was past the headaches.

Then I tried to output some text to the display. Oops. Pictured above is my attempt at "Hello."

It appears that the Kello engineers wired up these LED matrixes in a ... unique way. Attempting to address individual columns in sequence is not going to work.

I was hoping to make this project relatively display-agnostic, maybe make it support anything HT1632C. Looks like that won't quite be doable. In the meantime, I'm going to have to write an abstraction layer over the display addressing to fix the bizarre panel orientations. But at least the problem is pretty clear.

But hey, isn't the display pretty? No regrets.