An image of the assembled cardboard alarm clock prototype

Perfboard soldered, plus uh... prototype casing

It's been a long time coming - I finally ditched the breadboard!

Today the solid-core wires I ordered (when I realized my last shipment contained stranded - oops) finally arrived, and I was able to complete the perfboard design I diagrammed and assemble the first complete prototype.

Things went off mostly without a hitch - I did accidentally get the wrong pin for one of the speaker inputs, but was able to figure it out and bodge it with a solder bridge.

After some final alarm functionality testing and bug fixes, I'm ready to put it on my nightstand and begin using it as my daily wake-up device! My phone will sit beside it for now... I'm not sure I trust it completely.

The cardboard housing is... inelegant. But the ugliness of it may at least help motivate me to see this through to the end, with a real housing. I'm hoping to make something out of wood.

I guess I'll see how I feel about this achievement tomorrow morning - but for now I feel great!